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CAO Lanlan

  • briefcase Marketing
  • quality Doctorat, Sciences de Gestion, Marketing
Domaines de spécialisation
  • International Retailing
  • Mutlichannel Retailing
  • Digital Retailing
  • Retail Innovation
  • Intelligence artificielle dans la distribution
  • Business Model de la distribution

Dr. Lanlan, CAO, est Professeur de Marketing à NEOMA BS, en France. Ses recherches portent sur la Distribution internationale, l'Innovation des modèles économiques et la Distribution multicanaux. Ses travaux ont été publiés dans Journal of Retailing, Journal of Interactive Marketing, International Business Review,  International Journal of Electronic Commerce, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Economie et Sociétés, Décisions Marketing, Journal of Asia-Pacific Business, International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research et d'autres journaux.

Dernières publications

  • Business model innovation: How the international retailers rebuild their core business logic in a new host country
  • Determinants of retailers’ cross-channel integration: An innovation diffusion perspective on omni-channel retailing
  • The Effects of Search-related and Purchase-related Mobile App Additions on Retailers' Shareholder Wealth: The Roles of firm Size, Product Category, and Customer Segment
  • Optimal In-store Inventory Policy for Omnichannel Retailers in Franchising Networks
  • Core competences, Strategy and Performance: Case studies of International Retailers Operating in China
  • Implementation of Omnichannel Strategy in the US Retail: Evolutionary Approach