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WONG Randy

  • briefcase Système d’Information, Supply Chain Management & aide à la Décision
  • quality PhD, Sciences Economiques, Sociales et de Gestion, Systèmes d'information
Domaines de spécialisation
  • Sécurité digitale et confidentialité
  • Digital
  • Comportement du consommateur sur les réseaux sociaux
  • Problématiques éthiques et sociétales de l'utilisation informatique

Randy is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at NEOMA Business School. Her research interests include the societal and ethical issues of technology use, digital security and privacy, and digital learning. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Management Information Systems, and Computers in Human Behavior, as well as in the international conference proceedings. 

Dernières publications

  • Cyberbullying on Social Networking Sites: The Crime Opportunity and Affordance Perspectives
  • Does gender matter in cyberbullying perpetration? An empirical investigation
  • Online disinhibition: Conceptualization, measurement, and implications for online deviant behavior