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WILLIAMS Christopher

  • briefcase Stratégie & Entrepreneuriat
  • quality PhD, International Management
Domaines de spécialisation
  • Stratégie internationale
  • Entrepreneuriat international
  • Innovation
  • Management international

 Christopher Williams est Professeur au département Stratégie et Entrepreneuriat de l'école de commerce NEOMA. Ses recherches portent sur la stratégie internationale, l'innovation dans les entreprises et les contextes internationaux, et la résilience organisationnelle. Avant d'entrer dans le monde universitaire en 2007, Christopher a passé deux décennies dans l'industrie, où il a travaillé sur des projets innovants dans des entreprises internationales. Ses recherches sont publiées dans des revues telles que Asia Pacific Journal of Management, International Business Review, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World Business and Research Policy. Il a également publié une série de cas d'enseignement sur la stratégie et les questions d'innovation dans des contextes internationaux avec Ivey Publishing et est l'auteur de Venturing in International Firms : Contexts and Cases in a High-Tech World (Routledge, 2018) et Management Consultancy for Innovation (Routledge, 2019).

Dernières publications

  • Integration-responsiveness, local hires and subsidiary performance amidst turbulence: Insights from a survey of Chinese subsidiaries
  • Institutional Pressures and International Market Orientation in SMEs: Insights from the French Wine Industry
  • Group Culture, Gender Diversity and Organizational Innovativeness: Evidence from Serbia
  • Small-business resilience in a remote tourist destination: exploring close relationship capabilities on the island of St Helena
  • International orientation of Chinese internet SMEs: Direct and indirect effects of foreign and indigenous social networking site use
  • National-level innovation in Africa
  • Knowledge at risk during information system offshore outsourcing: exploring the transition phase
  • Host country R&D determinants of MNE entry strategy: a study of ownership in the automobile industry
  • University–industry collaboration in R&D: the role of labor market rigidity
  • The moderating effect of bilateral investment treaty stringency on the relationship between political instability and subsidiary ownership choice
  • Innovative projects between MNE subsidiaries and local partners in China: exploring locations and inter-organizational trust
  • Product launch performance in hi-tech SMEs: newness to the firm and the moderating role of management control
  • Internal Consulting Units: a flexible friend?
  • Building resilience in client organizations: the consultant’s challenge
  • Management Consultancy for Innovation
  • Venturing in International Firms: Contexts and Cases in a High-Tech World
  • Corporate governance and international strategy of Japanese brewing companies: the cases of Suntory and Kirin Breweries
  • A time use perspective on entrepreneurial initiatives in the multinational enterprise
  • Building skillful resilience amid uncertainty