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BOZIC Branko

  • briefcase Marketing
  • quality PhD, Sciences Economiques, Sociales et de Gestion, Marketing
Domaines de spécialisation
  • Réparation de la confiance du consommateur
  • Elaboration de la confiance du consommateur
  • Préserver la confiance du consommateur

Branko is an Associate Professor of Marketing at NEOMA Business School. He earned a PhD in Management/Marketing (University of Glasgow) and holds a MBA (University of Glasgow). His research focuses on customer trust repair, trust building and trust protection. He has published in international peer-reviewed publications including Organization Studies, Journal of Business Research, European Management Journal, Human Resource Management Journal, etc. Branko is a reviewer for Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), First International Network on Trust (FINT) and European Management Journal (Marketing area) and a member of Academy of Marketing Science (AMS). Before entering academia, he was an entrepreneur and also worked as a marketing/sales manager in Austria, Slovenia and New Zealand. Branko teaches in area of marketing strategy, sales and supervises students' final projects in area of trust repair and management.

Dernières publications

  • Consumer trust repair: A critical literature review
  • A strategic action fields perspective on organizational trust repair
  • Organizational recidivism' and trust repair: a story of failed detectives
  • Customer trust recovery: an alternative explanation
  • A grounded theory study of factors and conditions associated with customer trust recovery in a retailer