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Thématiques :

La série de séminaires de recherche en Marketing de NEOMA BS Finance est organisée par le département Marketing et est ouverte à tous.

Les séminaires abordent tous les domaines de recherche relatifs au marketing.

Ils ont lieu chaque premier jeudi du mois, 14h30 et 16h30.

Chaque session se composer d’interventions animées par des chercheurs invités et/ou par un enseignant-chercheur de NEOMA BS.

Les séminaires ont lieu sur les campus de Reims, Rouen, Paris de NEOMA, et/ou en ligne.

Contact : Pour toute question sur les séminaires ou des propositions de Research Talk, contactez Mourad TOUZANI (mourad.touzani@neoma-bs.fr) or Haosheng FAN (haosheng.fan@neoma-bs.fr), coordinateurs des séminaires pour le département Marketing.

Scheduled seminars 2022-2023

The schedule will be updated in a regular basis

March 9, from 10 to 12. In Reims (1B001) and on Zoom in Rouen (G206)

Anna Dubiel (King’s College London), “New service development in the context of emerging markets: The case of human-wildlife conflict microinsurance uptake”

Coorganised by NEOMA Marketing Department and The World We Want Area of Excellence.

Previous seminars


  • Noelle CHUNG (NEOMA): « When Do Business Buyers Offer Suppliers a “Second Chance” After Being Betrayed? The Role of Emotions in Business Buyers’ Betrayal Experience »
  • Fanny CAMBIER (NEOMA): « Fallible Service Robots at the Frontline: How Choice to Interact with Them Improves Service Satisfaction and Repurchase Intentions »
  • Ralf van der Lans (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): « Online Advertising Suppresses Visual Competition during Planned Purchases »
  • Lana NAN (NEOMA): “Product Assortment Size and Brand Perception”
  • Haosheng Fan (NEOMA): “Role of Pictures on Consumer Price Sensitivity”


  • Stefano PUNTONI (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands): “Consumers and autonomous technology: An emerging framework”
  • Satadruta MOOKHERJEE (NEOMA): “Digital Signaling Strategies: A Comparative Analysis.”
  • P.K. Kannan (Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland): “Identifying Market Structure: A Deep Network Representation Learning of Social Engagement”
  • Tom KIM (NEOMA): “Perceived Disease Cause and Preference of Treatments” 
  • Joonas Rokka (EM Lyon): “Doing videography in consumer and marketing research”
  • Julia Pueschel, Maria Carolina Zanette, and Mourad Touzani (NEOMA): “Re-arranging dressing practices: the role of objects in spreading ugly luxury”
  • Xiaoling LI, (London School of Economics and Political Science): “Digital Piracy, Creative Productivity, and Customer Care Effort: Evidence from the Digital Publishing Industry”
  • Jaakko ASPARA (NEOMA): “Effect of intelligence on consumers’ responsiveness to a pro-environmental tax: Evidence from large-scale data on car acquisitions of male consumers”